Top Qualities of an Expert Transmission Repair Shop

When it comes to car service, the quality and expertise of the staff can make a world of difference to your overall experience. The next time you need to take your car in for service, make sure the shop has the qualities of an expert service center.

1. Reviews

The best indication of future experience is based on past performance. See what people are saying on Google, Facebook, or other reviews and social networking sites. A personal referral may carry even more weight in convincing you to try a new place, but online reviews are today's referral network. At a minimum, search for a place with at least 50 Google reviews and a rating of 4.3 stars or higher. If an auto repair shop has negative ratings and less than 4.3, you can save time and continue your search elsewhere.

2. Authorization of work

Do not authorize the task until you are completely comfortable with your explanation! A professional transmission repair center should be able to clearly and easily explain the scope of work required to diagnose and repair your vehicle. If necessary they should have no problem taking pictures of the part of the car they are discussing with you. If images are not an option, they must be displayed on the vehicle. Don't let them get away with being dark. A good honest shop will be ready, willing, and able to show you what is going on with your vehicle.

3. Price

Make sure you understand the price beforehand. It is the store's responsibility to explain the price of what you are purchasing. Unfortunately, many stores are not as direct with customers as they should be. Be your advocate and make sure you understand exactly what is being done and for what amount.

4. Warranty

Does the store have a warranty? Does it cover both parts and labor? Some places have very short warranties or gaps in their warranty offerings. Did you know that most dealers only have a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on their repairs? We recommend that the shop servicing or repairing your vehicle has a warranty of at least 3 years/36,000 miles.

5. Qualifications

How do you know if an auto repair shop's technicians know what they're doing? Ask if the mechanic working on your vehicle is ASE certified. Ask more specifically what certifications they have, as you want to make sure they are certified for the actual repair your car needs. For example, if your vehicle needs an engine light diagnosis, make sure your technician is certified in that specific area. You wouldn't want a podiatrist doing heart surgery, would you? ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence and is the benchmark for technician certification. The only way a store with this designation can be recognized is if it has a very high percentage of certified employees. Don't settle for unqualified mechanics to "fix" your car.

6. Dealerships

There is a misconception that new car dealerships have unparalleled service technicians, the latest equipment, and the best service. Often this is simply not the case. It is common for dealers to have a large number of novice mechanics with a very small number of experienced, certified technicians. It is very difficult to know for sure what level of technician is servicing your vehicle, and the odds are not in your favor! We've all been in a situation where we feel like nothing more than a number, and that's no way to feel when your vehicle is being serviced.

7. Scheduling

Effective Scheduling can sometimes seems like a lost art. This is a good indication of a store's overall professionalism. Even before the process begins, they should be able to give you a clear idea of when a mechanic will be working on your vehicle and at the very least provide an estimate of how long the repairs will take. Sure, the bigger the repair or service, the more variables there are in the process, but this is OK! The key here is clear communication about what is currently known and an expectation set by the store for when more information will be available.

8. Shuttle or a loaner car

What if you don't have a spare car? Does the auto repair shop take you home or to work? Or better yet, do they have a loaner car that you can use while your car is in the store?

9. Treatment

The shop's job is to make servicing and repairing your car as easy as possible for you. If you feel like they make things challenging, feel good about taking your business elsewhere.

10. Presentation

You can tell a lot about a place from its appearance. Is the store clean and well-maintained? How's the office? Auto repair is a very detailed job, the facility as a whole must be neat, clean, and organized. This is a good indication that the employees take pride in their work and so you can be sure that you are getting quality service.

Finding an expert auto service center will help ensure your vehicle is properly repaired. If you're not sure whether you should consider a repair shop, look for some of the expert-level service indicators such as multiple locations, towage services, and customer commitment.

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